Nikon D5500 bundle and price updates

You are probably planning to purchase a new Nikon D5500 bundle and you may have hesitated a little bit to reconsider your decision. Of course, that is crucial but not for Nikon D5500 for its bundle package is the best option for anyone looking to have the best at the least affordable price.

The bundle comes with everything that every photographer needs to have. The Nikon D5500 bundle best price is between $700 and $1,200. It is designed to suit your budget; it also comes with amazing deals which depend on the bundle you choose. In this case, there are 2 lenses bundle and 1 lens bundle with a pinch on the price.

Be sure to grab the best accessories of all the time in one bundle. Having the right gear will bring along the best quality in the photographic world. Of course, you may want to have the picture of your bundle package. You do not need to have a prior purchase of any accessory. Below is a complete list that you should expect from your package.

1. Standard lens.

This lens is good for photos and for shooting HD video. It is super compact and walks around lens designed for the best experience.

2. Telephoto zoom lens

This is all in one lens which has vibration reduction technology, this ensures that your camera firmly remains focused while taking photos. It ensures the production of quality photos and is good for sports and school events

3. Camera case

Any photographer would want to have a bag. This protects your camera and other accessories.

4. Transcend memory card

Transcend is one of the best memories and this bundle comes with one of this.

5. Vivitar glass UV glass filter

This glass filter apart from protecting your camera from scratches and dust also remove and absorb ultra-violet rays giving sharper photos.

5. Wireless remote

You do not need to disturb your camera while closing the shutter. All you have to do is press your remote and it would be done with no vibration at all.

6. Battery Grip

The D5500 battery grip comes in handy when you want to shoot at a very uncomfortable position. The battery grip is usually included in the bundle package.