Eastman Turkey Fryer – When You Want The Best

The Eastman turkey fryer is definitely for the outdoorsman and cannot, unlike the Masterbuilt Butterball turkey fryer, be used indoors. It’s a 30 quart professional cooker. I’ve seen it online for approximately $175 but I’m sure that varies depending on where you get it. It’s made of stainless steel and the entire kit does come with a burner. It includes a CSA shut off, revolution burner, stainless steel pot (heavy duty nonetheless), hose assembly for the regulator, poultry stand, stainless steel lid, a thermometer, a left hook (no more thrusting your hand into that boiling hot oil), and a marinade injector. Every review I’ve read on this fryer gave it a rating of five out of five stars.

What makes the Eastman Turkey fryer special?

Technically speaking, this is that 10 piece outdoor stainless steel cooking set for the outdoor gourmet. It’s got everything you need to get yourself started. With the regular stainless steel pot and included basket plus a fish or chicken wing pot, the possibilities for what you can make in your Eastman Turkey fryer are almost endless.


And you don’t have to fry; you can boil or steam your foods. And of course, it does way more than just turkeys. The thermometer which comes with the fryer is AccuZone and allows you control and accuracy both with a simple glance. The marinate injector itself also utilizes stainless steel for its 6 inch heavy-gauge injector needle. This one needle actually has 12 different holes through which your marinade can be introduced to your favorite cut of meat. Your meat will cook thoroughly and evenly, thanks to the revolution burner. This particular fryer manages to burn with less fuel and 75% cleaner than most other fryers of its caliber. It’s so all inclusive in fact, that it has everything you’ll need except for the turkey and the oil.


Customers’ reviews of the Eastman turkey fryer

Most of the reviews found on the web are short and sweet. Some however, did go into a little bit of detail. One reviewer praised the Eastman Turkey fryer for its ability to heat the oil to the proper temperature despite the cold and windy day on which they were cooked. They reported that it was easily assembled, and that the fill line on the inside was accurate and nice to have so as to not over fill the pot with oil.

Eastman Turkey Fryer Accessories

There are additional accessories that you can purchase that to go with the turkey fryer. Cooking gloves from Eastman which are heavy-duty and 13 inches in length guaranteed to protect against hot oil and steam; boil funnel filters which come in a six pack and can be used for filtering and storage of your oil to be used again; the same AccuZone thermometer that comes with the kit is also available for purchase separately; and of course if anything should happen to your baskets or pots, those are replaceable as well. This is a spectacular product, especially for an avid camper. Due to its versatility, the Eastman turkey fryer is something no outdoorsman or outdoor woman should be without.