Best Lenses for Nikon D5300 Bundle

The Nikon D5300 is a DSLR type camera with a 24.2-megapixel sensor that also features 1080p Full HD video and WI-Fi. Below are some available lenses on the market compatible with the Nikon D5300 that range from zoom lenses, wide-angle lenses and all-in-one lenses for that sharp and high-resolution image.

Best Nikon D5300 Lenses

nikon d5300 lenses

There is definitely an overwhelming number of lenses to choose from for the D5300 camera. Some lenses are better and more expensive than other but these Nikon D5300 lenses are the best.

Nikon 18-140 mm VR

Professional photographers recommend this type of lens due to its versatility and flexibility. It has a unique sharpness and comes with a longer zoom range compared to other compatible lenses and its built to reduce vibrations.This lens has a weight of about 17.3 oz with a maximum aperture of f/3.5.

Nikon 18-55 mm VR II

This type of camera lens is cheap and lightweight camera lens weighing about 6.9 oz with considerably sharp details, best for outdoor shooting. This type of lens is recommended for beginners and amateur photographers who need high-quality pictures on a low budget.

Nikon 18-200 mm VR II

The 18-200 mm VR II is a multipurpose lens that can capture all kind of shots from wide-angles to close-ups. This lens captures nice sharp images and comes with a built-in vibration reduction feature. Weighing about 19-8 oz, the 18-200 mm is a good choice and quite affordable.

Nikon 10-24 mm

This is a wide-angle lens that is wider and sharper than other wide-angle type lenses though its quite poor in low light situations a characteristic of most wide-angle lenses. Weighing about 16.2 oz, the 10-24 mm captures most focal lengths.

Nikon 50mm lens

This type of lens has a wide aperture making it ideal for portrait photography due to its ability to separate the subject from the background.

Nikon D5300 Bundle Deals with Lenses

If you haven’t got the Nikon D5300 body already, another great option is to buy the bundle package with one or two lenses. One of the best Nikon D5300 bundle┬áincludes two high-quality zoom lenses for you to get started.

The affordability of the Nikon D5300 bundle with kit lens makes it an attractive choice for most photographers offering some of the highest quality camera shots in the market today. You may also customize the D5300 with additional flashes and other non-built-in accessories just to add on to your creativity.